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We carefully plan a limited number of litters.

Our Jagdterrier puppies are given the best possible care, they are accompanied from birth to weaning, growing in suitable environments full of tactile, olfactory, acoustic and visual stimuli and in close contact with humans and other dogs. All this contributes to an effective socialisation and excellent mental and physical development. Various wild animals are also imprinted on the puppies very early on.

Although the number of puppies are limited, on reservation and serious interest we are happy to give a few of them to amateur-enthusiasts and experts of the Jagdterrier or to passionate people who are looking to learn more about the breed. We believe it is important to say that, as those who have taken a dog from us well know, our fundamental interest is in maintaining regular contact to follow the development of each young dog. In fact we consider those who take a dog from us as important collaborators, because it is exactly these people who will be able to tell us everything about their dog and, seeing as our main preoccupation is keeping track of every specimen of every litter, we will learn if we have done good work and where we need to improve.

For this reason, we strongly advise new owners, if they have not done so already, to get in touch with the official canine organisation and register with a kennel club of the breed (recognised by the international Jagdterrier club IV-DJT see link) and to have their dog evaluated both for its physical characteristics and in aptitudinal tests. In this way you will be making a big contribution to selection and therefore to the breed itself.

Do not hesitate to ask us about this!

Given the limited number of puppies available, interested parties are advised to contact us well in advance in order to guarantee priority

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